Many individuals and families find themselves unprepared for the realities of paying for funeral services. In order to help you and your family prepare and ensure peace of mind, we have created a list of payment options that has been helpful to our clients in the past:

Cash, Credit or Personal Check

It is our goal to offer you the utmost convenience in making arrangements and as such we accept any standard payment method for services rendered. Please ask about payment plans, which may be available.


It is always an option to pre-pay for certain funeral arrangements at a time when you are comfortable making such an investment. Pre-payment guarantees that your wishes for a funeral service are fully carried out and, when the time comes, it will most certainly alleviate some stress from your family.

Life Insurance

We understand that paying for a funeral can be an unexpected financial hardship, and that coming up with funds to cover the costs can be overwhelming, especially during what is already a difficult time. If a loved one dies and has an existing life insurance policy, it may be used to pay for the funeral services. A family member simply needs to bring the policy information when they meet with the funeral home, who will handle all the paperwork to claim the benefit on their behalf and to make sure the policy is up to date. Sometimes, family members don’t know if their deceased loved one had existing life insurance or if the policy is active. There is no guarantee that there will be sufficient funds to cover the services, unless you know the current value of the policy. Once verified, these funds can be used to pay for the full or sometimes, partial amount of the service costs.

At Need Financing from Lending USA

We offer credit and payment plans for eligible families. The terms are as follows:

  • Available to individuals with good to excellent credit
  • 6 Month Loan at 0% Interest
  • Affordable Monthly Interest on 36-60 Month Loans
  • Borrow up to 100% of the total price of the funeral
  • Loan amounts from $1,000-$35,000
  • Credit decision within 10 minutes
  • Option to apply online through one of our funeral homes